As an Accredited MiRo Practitioner specialising in executive and leadership coaching, I offer comprehensive psychometric assessments to individuals and teams, aiming to enhance performance and overall wellbeing. 

Why MiRo psychometrics? 

In a sea of psychometric options, MiRo stands out for its unique integration of previously incompatible theoretical models. This means that regardless of past experiences with other assessments, individuals and teams can swiftly grasp and apply MiRo's insights. Moreover, MiRo utilises clear, accessible language tailored for workplace dynamics. Administered online, it offers one of the most cost-effective solutions available. 

How long does it take? 

With MiRo, setting up projects and distributing user log-ins takes mere minutes. The assessment itself typically spans no more than 10 to 15 minutes, with instant access to detailed reports thereafter. From team reports to visualised maps, MiRo facilitates rapid generation of invaluable insights. Should team members change, generating updated reports is a breeze, requiring only new members to complete assessments. I'm always on hand to assist with any enquiries. 

Will I understand it? 

MiRo reports are crafted in straightforward language, purposefully designed for workplace application. You don't need a background in psychology or intense literature to comprehend and leverage their insights. Utilising visual aids like maps and graphs, MiRo fosters seamless integration of newfound knowledge into everyday practices and behaviours. Its user-friendly interface ensures you can swiftly glean what you need and focus on your core responsibilities. 

Can it be used for team development? 

Using MiRo psychometrics for team development can support you in cultivating high-performing teams. By delving into individual strengths, communication styles, and behavioral tendencies, MiRo provides invaluable insights that can drive synergy and collaboration within the team. Armed with a deep understanding of team dynamics, leaders can tailor strategies to leverage the unique strengths of each member, foster a culture of trust and accountability, and mitigate potential conflicts effectively. 
MiRo's user-friendly interface and clear, actionable reports empower teams to implement targeted interventions and development initiatives, paving the way for sustainable growth and enhanced performance over time. 

How do I access a MiRo psychometric assessment? 

MiRo assessments cater to a wide array of professional needs, including individual development, team dynamics, leadership enhancement, recruitment, conflict resolution, communication training, relationship building, decision-making, and beyond. For further information on how MiRo can benefit you, reach out to me. 
For all individual coaching clients, a complimentary report awaits. 
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