Executive coaching: it’s a hugely powerful tool for personal and professional growth. It’s about unlocking a leader’s potential to maximise their performance. It’s helping them to learn when navigating the complexities of leadership and major organisational change; and it can make a positive impact on organisations! The contemporary and competitive business environment requires leaders who can navigate change with agility, and executive coaching is crafted to meet this demand. 
But so many myths and misconceptions surround it – so let’s bust some of those right here in this blog post… 

“It’s the Same as Business Coaching” 

Myth: You get the same from an executive coach as you do from a business coach. 
Reality: It’s not about business planning, strategy, finance and marketing – that’s what you get with a business coach. Executive coaching is about personal traits, attributes and unlocking your full potential; it’s not about the business, it’s about you: with a collaborative, personalised approach, designed to enhance the leadership skills you already have, and unlock your potential as a high-level executive. 

“Executive Coaching is Only for Fixing Problems” 

Myth: Executive coaching is often seen as a last resort, reserved for leaders facing performance issues or personal challenges – and you only hire a coach if you’ve got nowhere else to turn. 
Reality: Executive coaching is not just about fixing problems. It can be – but the true value is in preventing problems from happening in the first place, and enabling you to spot issues before they even have a chance to arise. That means it’s far more about personal growth, learning and risk reduction that it is about crisis management. 

“Executive Coaching is a Sign of Incompetence” 

Myth: Seeking an executive coach implies that a leader is at best unable to handle challenges independently – and at worst, is weak, incapable and not up to the role they find themselves in. 
Reality: Executive coaching is a sign of strength and self-awareness. Leaders who recognise the value of continuous learning and improvement, and actively seek a coach to support them with refining their skills and overcoming obstacles, are the leaders with the qualities and values to bring out the best in their teams as well. 

“Coaching is Time-Consuming and Disruptive” 

Myth: It takes far too much time out of your day that could be spent more productively elsewhere – and disrupts what you’re supposed to be doing. 
Reality: There’s no doubt it requires time and commitment, but by nature it’s a flexible process that can be tailored to your schedule. Sessions can be conducted in person or virtually, at a mutually convenient time – and we can promise you the investment is well worth the time out of your day. In fact, it’s an investment you’ll struggle to match elsewhere in the long run. 

“Executive Coaching is All the Same” 

Myth: Executive coaching follows a standardised, one-size-fits-all approach, providing the same solutions to every leader. 
Reality: That could well be true of ineffective coaching solutions. But coaching that delivers real results has got to be highly personalised. We tailor our approach to each leader's unique strengths, challenges, history, goals and preferences. We address the specific needs of each individual we work with, in full alignment with their organisational context. 

“Coaching is Just Another Form of Therapy” 

Myth: Executive coaching focuses on personal and emotional challenges that the leader is struggling with, and is just another way to address unresolved issues. 
Reality: Because of its personalised nature, executive coaching does look at your challenges and what you feel is holding you back - but its primary outcome is focussed on your professional and leadership development, not personal issues. Coaches help leaders to enhance their skills, navigate workplace challenges, and achieve specific business objectives – and while some of that may require a dive into your personal challenges, that is not the primary reason for investing in it, and nor is it the primary focus of your sessions. 

“Executive Coaching is for the Corporate World” 

Myth: It’s a costly investment suitable only for large corporations with substantial budgets and a board of directors. 
Reality: Coaching services vary, and we work with individuals in organisations of all sizes. The one thing they all have in common is this: the will to improve their leadership skills, and equip their organisations with the people and potential to deliver. We offer a variety of coaching and mentoring programmes for: 
Executives - up to and including C-suite leaders and business owners. 
Leaders - whether at the start of their leadership career or progressing into their first director position or as a member of a leadership board. 
Career transition - where they are experiencing a major change such as redundancy or the menopause
HR professionals - developing their career within the people profession. 
So there are some myths busted: executive coaching is a versatile and valuable investment in your leadership success, that goes beyond problem solving; it’s your key to empowering yourself and the teams that work for you to achieve full potential, and create real, positive change within your organisation. Accept no substitutes. 
Haus of Coaching can offer you the executive coaching you’ve been seeking – no matter the size of your organisation, or the vision you have for its future.  
Contact us today to find out how, and discuss the bespoke package that will transform your leaders. 
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