It’s a startling fact that 20% of women quit their jobs due to the stigma and challenges that the menopause presents – and I’m one of them. 
There were a few reasons that I quit my corporate HR leadership role at Mercedes-Benz – and high on the list was the lack of support whilst navigating the peri-menopause. There was no formal support in place to help me and anyone else dealing with that hugely significant life transition. If I’d had the benefit of career coaching through this time, it’s far more likely I would have remained in that role – retaining all those years of corporate knowledge and experience for the company, and continuing on the career path I loved. 
Menopause isn’t new, of course, but the way we understand it and its impact on 50% of the human population has taken great strides over the last decade or so. Suddenly we’ve realised why our workforces are haemorrhaging “women of a certain age” – why women can feel so disconnected and isolated from the person they thought they were – and how so many physical and mental struggles could all be linked to this 10-15 year transition. This realisation is beginning to create some action among workplaces to fill that gaping hole in support and understanding – but it’s happening very slowly.  
That’s why Haus of Coaching is offering a comprehensive suite of services to bring that understanding and support to individual women looking for help, and into more businesses too – to the benefit of everyone involved. 

Getting it Wrong – and Getting it Right 

Dealing with menopause and all its implications is not easy for businesses, or the women who work in them, and I get that completely. This major life transition has been misunderstood, and even a taboo topic, for many centuries - and it’s hard to know how to get it right, especially in the workplace. There have been some massive gaffes on that front already – did you see the awful effort by a train company to hand out “menopause bags” to their female employees? The idea came from a good place, but the contents were patronising at best, and insulting at worst. Often the women themselves don’t know what support they need – but they definitely know what they DON’T want. 
As a specialist menopause career coach, I already know how to hit the right notes for the women I work with. I know that every experience with menopause is different, and my coaching reflects that – because one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Haus of Coaching work one-to-one with individuals, and can come in to support businesses as a whole – working with women who need that career coaching support, and advising key people in the organisation about how to best support (and keep) the women in their workforce who may be going through it. 

How it Works  

One-on-one coaching sessions are designed to address your specific career concerns related to menopause, and your individual goals and challenges. We provide a safe and supportive space for you to share your experiences, discuss challenges, and set meaningful goals for your professional journey. 
Coaching will be tailored to each person who needs it, and after getting know you and your story, we will work on the areas you most need help with. For example, menopause can sometimes impact confidence levels – so we will focus on building your self-esteem and empowering you to embrace your unique strengths, working together to develop strategies that allow you to navigate workplace challenges with resilience and assertiveness. 
And if you're considering a career change, or re-evaluating your professional path during menopause, I can give you guidance on making informed decisions for all the right reasons, so that you can make a change that will set you on a path to thrive in the next stage of your life and career. I’ll help you explore new opportunities and navigate the transition with confidence. 
All coaching sessions are conducted in a positive and inclusive environment, free from judgment, and in a space where you can openly discuss your concerns and aspirations – without worrying what impact those disclosures might have on your career prospects. 

 A Bright Future 

Menopause and everything it brings has been kept in the shadows for centuries. Don’t let menopause drag you, or the women who work for you, down a path of worry, anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Take charge with a dedicated menopause career coaching service - and together, we'll navigate the challenges, overcome obstacles, and empower you and your people to thrive in your professional life, throughout the menopause and beyond. 
Contact Haus of Coaching today to find out how we can support you, your business, and the women within it. 
Also check out Haus of HR’s latest guide to help support business owners and employers in effectively managing menopause in the workplace. 
Contact Haus of Coaching today to find out how we can support you, your business, and the women within it. 
Also check out Haus of HR’s latest guide to help support business owners and employers in effectively managing menopause in the workplace. 
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